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Chalkboard paint ideas

Chalkboard paint seems to be everywhere at the moment. It's not only fun and great for kids areas, but can also be functional when used in kitchens or entrances to jot down shopping lists, notes for babysitters or messages for the family. And with lots of dustless chalk available on the market the floors don't even end up with chalk dust everywhere!!

I've recently painted one of our outdoor columns in chalkboard paint and the kids  love it. It's been great for writing messages at parties as well. 

There are some rooms that lend themselves particularly well to chalkboard paint so let's have a look at a few ideas. 

Chalkboard paint in the kitchen: 


In the entrance hall:

Chalkboard paint in your study/workspace:


Chalkboard paint in kids' rooms:


Weekend projects... A few fun DIY projects I found while I was researching pictures for this post that I couldn't go past including. I just love this door! 


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And finally - here is the outside column I've painted at my house. It made a great backdrop to the baby shower I had for me sister a few weeks ago! 

garden 2 smaller.jpg

So what do you think? Do you love the idea of using chalkboard in your house? Which room would you choose? Would love to hear from you - let me know in the comments below! 

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