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Playroom ideas + inspiration

If your house is anything like mine there are toys everywhere. Over the years, as we've had more little people (= more toys!), I've had to get creative with they way I incorporate all the stuff they accumulate. One of my upcoming projects is to revamp our own playroom and I've recently been adding lots of kids spaces and ideas to my pinterest boards. So today I thought I would bring you my pick of well designed playrooms that both you and your little people will love. As you will see these spaces make clever use of storage to hide away the ugliest toys, while incorporating pint-sized designer furniture, fun art and other accessories that you will want to show off. 

Have a look around and then scroll to the bottom for some of my favourite current products you can incorporate in to your own living rooms, playrooms and kids spaces to hide away those colourful, plastic offenders. 


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My current favourites for a playroom makeover: 

Playroom moodboard.jpg

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