Room Tour | My 6 year old and his orange bunk bed

I thought I would share some photos of my 6 year old's room today. He choose the orange bunk himself and it's definitely not what I would have chosen if I had my way! But I think I've made it work by keeping this as the main colour in the room and using mostly black and white around it (what's new!). The vintage Tin Tin print was a gift for Caleb's 1st birthday from my Mum. She gave each of my kids a vintage print when they turned one and choose prints that weren't too child like so they could keep them their whole lives. Such a great idea. The print came well before the orange bunk bed - but they obviously tie in well now! The apple cushion is from Country Road and I just used plain white t-shirt/jersey material doona covers, which are very comfy and cosy. 

The bunk is from Domayne Furniture and comes in a range of other colours as well. I chose this style as it is quite low to the ground in comparison to most bunks (which means less distance to fall!). My son loves it. The beanbag and rug are from La De Dah Kids. And we use the tallboy to store his huge collection of Lego (see more about how we store and sort all the Lego here). The lightening bolt lamp is from Little Letter Lights Co. and it is one of his favourite things in the room as he's going through that phase of being afraid of the dark and this gives him great comfort at night. We are huge fans of these lamps, my 2 year old has the cloud lamp in his room

Over the other side of the room he has a little table where he sits to make Lego creations or do his drawing (which is one of his favourite things to do at the moment). I use washi tape to stick up his favourite drawings. He loves to see them on display and as the washi tape doesn't damage the paintwork it means we can swap the pictures around as often as we want. 

For his 6th birthday he got a piano/keyboard which now also lives in his room. I've used a Muuto hook to hang his headphones on and the Bonjour print is by Me and Amber from Style Trader. I hung it up using some pegs I found at Typo - but if you would like some other non-permanent ideas for how to hang prints like this, see my post here. Shelf and light are both from IKEA. 

Have a great day!

Clare x