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How to style your home like a pro (Part 1)

How to style your home like a pro (Part 1)

Do you ever wonder how interior designers and decorators manage to make the houses they work on look so effortless? Today I'm bringing you the first in a two part post that will give you the tips of the styling pros.

You don't have to have a huge budget, nor do you have to have the most amazing house, but with these 10 must have styling items, along with your imagination and a bit of flair, you'll be able to create the wow factor from the magazines and blogs you love.  

Today I'm bringing you the first five of my top 10 styling items. Think of your furniture and larger pieces as your wardrobe 'basics' and these 10 items as the styling bits and pieces you would update each season. Like you might do with your shoes, bags, t-shirts and accessories. The aim is not to spend too much on these bits and pieces so you can swap them out as your mood changes or the trends shift.

1. A geometric throw

Right on trend at the moment are geometric throws and blankets. I've featured the Pia Wallen blanket before on the blog (here) and love it. But if crosses aren't your thing there are plenty of other options around. Some of my other favourites are the Donna Wilson Blah Blah Blah throw or the triangular "Remix" blanket from Ferm Living.

2. Graphic cushions

My next styling must have is a collection of inexpensive, graphic cushions. Different patterns look great mixed together so don't be afraid to get creative! But to keep it cohesive select a colour palette and stick to it (black and white is obviously my favourite!). If you're not feeling brave enough to go all out with the graphics, another tip is to choose a few graphic cushions and mix them in with a selection of plain colours you might already have.

My absolute favourite cushion at the moment is the "Gran" cushion from Fine Little Day. In fact I've recently bought one for our informal living area (Picture 3 with the Tin Tin poster) and have mixed this in with one from Danish design company Oyoy. If you don't want to spend too much on cushions, I often find really good graphic options at IKEA. Or if you're really handy, grab some fabric from IKEA and knock up your own.

3. Candles

Candles are one of the most inexpensive ways of creating an inviting atmosphere and if you can't afford anything else, a collection of simple votives with tealight candles in them will look great. But if you're up for spending a bit more there are some amazing scuptural candle holders around at the moment, like the Finnish designed Kubus below. Or Menu are also making some really nice options as well.  


4. Show your style and personality with coffee table books

Coffee table books can be really cliche and boring, so my suggestion is to buy books that mean something to you and reflect your personality and interests. Books can be more expensive and you are less likely to swap these out each season so I also suggest, where possible, buying with your room colour palette in mind if you're planning on putting them on display. With the increase of technology there are less and less bookstores around these days, but some really good online stores are popping up all the time, and you can often get a great bargain. So start googling your favourite topic and see what pops up.  


5. Statement lighting

Rounding out the Part 1 of this post (don't forget to come back tomorrow for the second instalment) is statement lighting. Again, this is going to be something you are likely to spend a bit more money on and will last you a few years at least if you get it right, but buying some statement lamps, table lamps or pendants will really help your home stand out from the rest.

On my wish list at the moment is the adorable Milk table lamp, as seen below. But I also love the fluro pink light in the second picture, which is actually a DIY project - so follow the link to get all the instructions on how to make one of these for yourself!


Hopefully you have some ideas for how to improve the styling in your home. And don't forget to come back tomorrow where I'll be giving you the remaining five ideas, including storage ideas, ways to display your art and more!

(See that post here)

Have a lovely day! x

How to style your home like a pro (Part 2)

How to style your home like a pro (Part 2)

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