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Interior styling | My favourite IKEA hacks

A few weeks ago I did a post on how to upgrade the IKEA Besta storage unit (read it here) and it proved to be very popular! So today I thought I would bring you some more IKEA hack inspiration. 

I'm the only one in my family who likes to visit IKEA and my husband really objects to the flat packs (actually I would go so far as to say hates them) - so I sometimes sneak out there while the kids are at school just to walk around and take in the ideas - and I often have to assemble the stuff myself. I always love a bit of IKEA inspiration and there are some super creative people out there doing some pretty awesome things - so today I'm bringing you 15 of my favourite IKEA hacks. 

First is this IKEA Malm bedframe, which has been added to with some stick on wood. I'm not sure if it would look quite as good in person as it doesn't in this picture, but it has a pretty effective look here. Perfectly styled with a Pia Wallen blanket (look alike I think?). You can read all about the Pia Wallen Crux blanket here


Next are these coffee table hacks with concrete tops. These are pretty serious DIY projects that involve casting concrete and making casting moulds out of timber etc. - way beyond my skills that's for sure. But they look pretty great if you have a handy person around you who could help with this. 


More in keeping with my DIY abilities would be this marble coffee table using the Klubbo. Would you believe this has been done using marble adhesive paper. Again, not sure if it would have the same effect in person, but it has a pretty great effect in these pictures. 


Next is the PS metal cabinets. These have been an IKEA classic over the past few years, and although I own two of them, I'm getting a bit sick of them. But how good do they look painted matte black with a wood top? I am seriously tempted to try this with ours and see if I can bring some new life to them. 

Or a different idea for the PS cabinets. 


And what about these ideas for the kids? First the Malm drawers with adhesive wall dots. I love the look of these and these are a really cheap way of bringing some fun to your child's room. 


Or how about this dolls house made from very inexpensive Lack shelves?


Next is this little person's desk made from Linnmon table top and Frosta legs. Really clever and cheered up with the bright wall paper and mini Panton chair. You could even take this a step further and paint the legs in a bright colour. 


A painted blind and step ladder, both from IKEA


The Vikare bed frame - turned Jeep - complete with custom number plates! My son would just love this! A definite thought for my littlest bub who will soon be moving from his cot. 


Or how about cutting out a cute cloud shape from an inexpensive IKEA doormat?


And the final idea are these pendants hung from IKEA shelf brackets. This is a great idea for renters who might want to hang a pendant light, or for people who don't want to spend money on electricians to get a pendant hung. They also make really modern looking wall fittings, which can often be tricky to find. 

I hope you've enjoyed today's IKEA inspiration. If you enjoyed this, don't forget to subscribe to the blog for daily inspiration to your inbox. 

Have a great day! x

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