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Modern kids furniture | RaFa-kids

Lately I've been spending lots of time researching our renovation and along the way I've discovered a whole bunch of new stores and products that I'm now totally obsessed with. I also have a backlog of renovation tips and tricks that I think people would find helpful. So I'm planning to put together some of these things in new posts over coming weeks.

But for now I'm back and ready to get things happening again. And today I'm really excited to be kicking things off with a company I discovered a few weeks ago via my Pinterest feed when I was searching for modern kids furniture. They are called RaFa-kids and they are AWESOME! I was looking around for modern kids furniture, including desks and bunk beds as we are looking at how to maximise the space in the boys' bedrooms once we have renovated. But I was also trying to find a bed that is flexible and can be used as a day bed in the playroom but also as a guest bed for when we have unexpected people over.

I was so thrilled to find these products by RaFa-kids. Based in The Netherlands they are team of (husband and wife) architects who have a serious eye for design and who started their business once they had kids as they wanted "to make good and affordable quality design objects for children". I'm in love! Luckily for everyone they ship worldwide and their prices are quite reasonable. Tonight I have ordered  a teen bed and I cannot wait for it to arrive. Here it is in the different colour options - dark chocolate, whitewash and natural (I went for whitewash):

Although I have been a pain back and forth about pricing and delivery costs, co-owner of the company, Agata, has been an absolute pleasure to deal with and nothing has been too much trouble. It will take pride of place in our new den/study/playroom and will look great with the black and white theme I'm planning for the room. Stay tuned for photos when I get it set up :)

Here are a few more pictures of the bed. It's sleek modern lines would look great in almost any home.

Now I'm waiting for our renovations to be finished as I'm totally obsessed with their furniture and have decided I also need the adorable toddler bed for when our 2 year old moves from his cot:

And also want this amazing bunk bed for my 6 year old - that can either take the toddler bed, teen bed or no bed at all underneath it. How incredibly flexible, playful and well designed is that! It is furniture designed with both kids and adults in mind.

But don't worry, if you're not in the market for new beds or large pieces of furniture, they now also make this amazing desk with a lift-up lid, perfect for kids to hide all their bits and pieces in (and out of our sight!)

And if you really want something smaller, they also stock a really great range of affordable bedding and other accessories (check out the adorable swing they make!). It would almost be impossible to not find something you absolutely want or need!

So visit RaFa-kids to get shopping...and have a wonderful day.... xx

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