Fixtures, Fittings and Finishes Template (PC template)

Fixtures, Fittings and Finishes Template (PC template)


If you’re renovating or in the throws of planning for your renovation then this template is one of the most valuable investments you can make. It will save you (heaps of!) time, help you get organised and take the guess work out of what fixtures, fittings and finishes you will need to choose throughout your renovation project.

This is the exact template I use with my own design clients when I am helping them renovate their homes. It is a full list of all the fixtures, fittings, finishes you’ll need to consider plus worksheets that will help you calculate your tiles/carpet/paving amounts (and budget for these). It also includes an area to document all your joinery finishes so that this can be used by your joiner and mistakes can be avoided.

By purchasing this template I GUARANTEE that you will save yourself at least 10-20 hours of research, calculation and organisation time as you prepare and put together what you need for your renovation. Probably more! This is a no brainer investment.

To see inside the template and find out exactly what you will get when you purchase, plus find out why this will save you SOOOO much time, please click the link below to watch a short video I’ve prepared:


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A Fixtures, Fittings and Finishes Schedule is a list of items that will form part of your renovation that are not fixed to construction or building costs. These fixtures, fittings and finishes are likely to add up to a significant portion of your renovation budget and, in many cases, are left out of a building or construction contract or are added in as an estimate under a line item called 'PC items'.

PC stands for 'Prime Cost' and is an amount of money estimated in a building contract to purchase specified items such as tiles, taps, door hardware, bathroom fittings and more. In most cases you (the client) are expected to select and source these PC items yourself - or you might hire an interior designer to look after this aspect of your project for you. For those who can't afford an interior designer, this spreadsheet will be a massive time and sanity saving document! It is the exact template I use with my own interior design clients and has everything you might need in your renovation listed out for you. I've done all the thinking and planning for you - you just have to completed the template with your own selections.

The purpose of this template is two fold. Firstly it will help you provide your builder with an accurate PC sum for your building contract. Secondly it will help you to identify and make selections about all the different fixtures, fittings and finishes that your builder and design team will need throughout the course of your renovation.

The other bonus of the template is you can use it over and over. Simply download it and save two copies - one 'template' version and the other with a new name for your current project. Next time you renovate it will be there waiting for you!

How to use the template:

The template is in a spreadsheet format that can be used in both Excel and Google Sheets. Specific instructions for how to use and manipulate the template is included in the download. And don’t worry if you’re not good at using spreadsheets - this is completely fool proof and can’t be ‘broken’ - so don’t worry!!

To find out more and see inside the template, please click here to watch the video