AirBNB inventory list - Instant Download

AirBNB inventory list - Instant Download


In this inventory list find everything you will need to stock your home/apartment ready for rental on AirBNB or similar. 

Included in the list is a full inventory for your:

- kitchen (crockery requirements, accessories, appliances)

- laundry/store cupboard (cleaning needs, appliances etc.)

- dining room

- bathroom

- bedroom

- a list of other suggested things to have in your home so that your guests have a comfortable stay. 

A well stocked home will give you a return of higher reviews, which means more consistent bookings, which means more money in your pocket! 

Don't make the mistake lots of people do and just have a mix of all your old crockery and cutlery in your home when you rent it out. Take some time to consider your guests' experience and provide a premium product that will command high reviews.

We take all the thinking out of putting your home together for rent. 

This is a great resource for people who are too busy to trawl through websites to find out what they should have stocked in their home before putting it on AirBNB (or similar)

As a bonus we include ideas for other ways to improve your listing and experience for guests, such as welcome packs.

For the cost of a few cups of coffee you will take all the fuss out of AirBNB rental and increase the value of your rental! 

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Our inventory list takes all the hassle out of getting your AirBNB listing ready for rental. Don't trawl through websites trying to find out what you need to include in your home, our full inventory list covers off everything you will need to ensure your guests have a great stay in your home. 

The better stocked your home, the better reviews you will get. This will mean more bookings and ultimately more money in your pocket! 

This list is the answer for busy people who want to get their home ready for rental without the fuss of researching what you need. All for the price of  a few cups of coffee  - a no risk investment!


  • A carefully curated inventory list that we use at The Little Design Corner when putting together client homes for AirBNB rental. 
  • Everything you need for all parts of the home; kitchen, laundry, bathroom, bedroom and even extra bits and pieces depending on your location (e.g. beach equipment/picnic needs). 
  • Ideas for what to include in a welcome pack = a great first impression for your guests! 
  • Saves you time hunting around for all the items you might need.  
  • Saves you money purchasing unnecessary items for your AirBNB rental. 
  • Costs no more than a couple of cups of coffee. How many of those have you bought over the years! 

I think you'll find this an incredibly useful resource that you will use over and over again as you restock and update your home for rental.